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“I have found Reduxium to be the single-most advantageous supplement I have tried in the last 20 years.  When I first started taking Reduxium, I felt a shift in my body immediately. The immunity support claims made for their product are true, and understated, from all that I have observed in myself and my patients. I highly recommend Reduxium.”
Michael L. Marshall, PhD., D.C., A.P., CCN 
Chiropractor, Acupuncturist, Dr. of Naturopathic Medicine, Certified Clinical Nutritionist – holds 4 Diplomate Certifications in Clinical Nutrition

Reduxium® - Maximum Immune Support

Fortifying Cells for a Strong Immune Response
Reduxium® is a non-prescription, non-invasive therapeutic that is self-administered. Reduxium® contains no allergens, strong chemical components, antibiotics or hormones.

Reduxium®, drops taken with water,  is commercially available as a therapeutic dietary supplement product, delivering Smart-Small-Molecules™ (SSMs) intracellularly.

SSMs are a microelement mineral complex condensed to 5-10 nanometers (nm) by Ogevity’s proprietary nanoscience bioreactor. This allows them to penetrate the membranes of weakened unhealthy cells delivering cell repairing nutrition directly into weakened cells, helping rebuild them and restore them to health.

Weakened cells are susceptible to invasion from foreign substances, healthy cells are far more difficult to corrupt. Cells are the building blocks of life. Healthy cells literally create energy and life force. Reduxium® supports:

  • Faster, More Robust Immune Response
  • Healthier Inflammatory and Viral Defense Response
  • Faster Muscle Recovery From Exercise
  • More Energy, Less Fatigue
  • Restored Homeostasis

Reduxium® Clinical Trial Project Report Summary

During Reduxium® Trial 1, NUS analyzes the effects of a supplement (Reduxium®) on the principal Lymphoid and Myeloid cell subsets that constitute the human immune system. Trial report was released 1/27/2021.
Reduxium® technology compresses molecule to 1/12 normal size enabling intra cell penetration.
Reduxium® tested safe with no adverse events. Participants took 12 times the recommended dose for the trial.
Reduxium® shown to promote a non-or anti-inflammatory phenotype.
Reduxium® potentially augments humeral immunity.
Reduxium® is manufactured using a proprietary reactor — a “biochemical cavitation mixer” that creates a “smart small molecule.” This process technology enables compression of a set of 12 molecules into the size of a single molecule. The complex molecules scan for the presence of pathogenic (bacterial, viral, fungal) etiologies at the cellular level by detecting changes in the characteristics or function of the electron-proton (KNa) pump on the membrane. The compounds are not reactive to healthy cells or tissues but may lead to apoptosis of infected cells in a process involving mitochondria activity.
Participants tolerated Reduxium® well with no adverse events and all blood profiles (blood urea, serum sodium, serum creatinine, serum albumin, aminotransaminases) did not change significantly at the end of the study.

From this study, we observed a general shift toward a regulated or anti-Inflammatory phenotype as seen by the increase in frequency of Tregs and Th2 cells, and a reduction in pro-inflammatory cells such as Th1, Th1/Th17 and non-classical monocytes.

Therefore, supplementation with Reduxium® might help reduce the pathogenic inflammatory effects of Th1/Th17 cells by upregulation of Tregs.
Reduxium® in this study was shown to promote a non- or anti-inflammatory phenotype, potentially augment humoral immunity by significant upregulation of Th2 cells and downregulation of exhausted TL MBCs. Reduxium® may also help mitigate pathogenic inflammation by downregulating proinflammatory Th1/Th17 cells and non-classical monocytes. The findings from this study provide a platform for future studies on Reduxium® supplementation with an emphasis on diseases where inflammation play a role in the underlying pathology.
These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease

Ogevity® Therapeutics, a Life Sciences research and development company, is the developer and manufacturer of the therapeutic dietary supplement Reduxium™. Ogevity Therapeutics has a portfolio of additional health and wellness products , many based in NanoScience, to be released over the coming months. Ogevity scientists have a diverse background in chemistry, biology and physics.

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